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Salman Khan’s ‘Mental’ is currently formally ‘Jai Ho’

Eventually, director-producer Sohail Khan has made a decision to trash the title Mental and has reported as the new title of the film starring Salman Khan within the major part Jai Ho.

Jay ho

Options say there is a growing clamour within the group of friends and well-wishers of Salman Khan contrary to the title Mental, which includes negative meaning. Since the picture is targeted to produce through the Republic Day week-end in 2014 Jai Ho was better loved by everybody else. More over, the picture features a cultural style and the concept goes well with it.

The ultimate nail was hammered by Salman’s father Salim Khan who openly declared his choice for that concept Jai Ho.

Heeding the increasing excitement, Sohail Khan has locked on Jai Ho and taken the phone as the formal name of the film.

“Yes, the picture is named Jai Ho. Emotional was just a working concept. We always knew we’d change it out. Jai Ho was a name that my dad loved. Now by the grace of God, we’re prepared to produce the picture on Jan 24,” Sohail Khan is quoted as saying.



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