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‘Jackpot’ doesn’t need censorship, says Sunny Leone

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Mumbai: The censor board has axed ‘Eggjactly’ from used in Sunny Leone starrer ‘Jackpot.’ Though the Indo-Canadian adult film star says it’s a family film and doesn’t ‘need censorship.’ The 32-year-old, who has shot some striking views for the film, admits that it’s censor board’s job to see what’s suitable for teenagers to view. In the same time, she thinks that ‘Jackpot’ ‘isn’t an A-certificate film. Therefore, they’ve to be really careful about what the material is.’ ‘But I do not think there’s anything in the film that needs censorship.

It’s a really good family film that everyone could watch,’ added the actress who entered Bollywood with erotic thriller ‘Jism 2.’ She was talking in the music introduction of the film Saturday. Meanwhile, director Kaizad Gustad is upset with all the censor board for banning ‘Eggjactly’, by Javed Jaffrey. ‘It is unnecessary. I do not understand just why the song is barred – it’s interesting and there’s humor in it. It’s nothing personal it’s in regards to the whole country. He (Javed) hasn’t attacked anybody person,’ Gustad said. ‘The censor table needs to have some sense of humour. It’s only a funny song and he’s perhaps not upset anyone. He’s been careful to prevent individual attacks,’ Gustad included. The film’s actor-producer Sachiin Joshi thinks he’s being targeted. ‘I really believe that it is somebody’s scheme against me and I’m being targeted,’ he explained reacting to the ban on the song. ‘Jackpot’ continues to be shot in Goa and also stars Naseeruddin Shah. It gets Dec 13 to cinemas.

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