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Here’s why Rajiv Bhatia became Akshay Kumar!

Actors changing their real names is nothing new. Right from Yusuf Khan who became Dilip Kumar to Abdul Rashid Salman Salim Khan who became Salman Khan, actors love to have a more suitable screen name. One such actor who changed his real name is Rajiv Bhatia, who we all know today as superstar Akshay Kumar. However, there is an interesting story behind Rajiv Bhatia becoming Akshay Kumar. For those not in the know, Akshay actually made his Bollywood debut with a 10-second cameo in a Mahesh Bhatt directorial titled ‘Aaj’ wherein he played a Martial Arts instructor by the name Akshay. Rajiv loved the name so much that he decided to be known to the world as Akshay Kumar and adapted it as his screen name. And that’s how Bollywood got it’s very own Khiladi, Akshay Kumar. One thing we can’t deny is that the name Akshay suits his personality and goes perfectly with his ‘action star’ image. D



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